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MTJ Medical

Foam Medical Mattress with Waterproof Vinyl Cover

Features & Benefits

RF Welded Seams

The welded seams create a water tight bond that prevents foreign contaminants like bed bugs and bodily fluids from entering the core of the mattress. Bonded seams also improve the safety and security for patients and staff. 

Water-Proof Vinyl Cover

The easy-to-clean cover features a water-proof barrier that protects the core of the mattress from bodily fluids, dirt, and other liquids. 

Fire Barrier Sleeve

Meets and exceeds flammability requirements of California Technical Bulletin 129, 603, 16 CFR Part 1633.

Solid Foam Core

The single slab foam core design is a comfortable & budget-friendly option for short-term patients, exam rooms, and can serve as back up mattresses for over capacity healthcare facilities.

Patented Breathable Vent

The breathable vent allows air circulation to flow freely while also preventing liquids and other harmful elements from ruining the integrity of the mattress core.

Anti-Fungistatic Layer

The cover is treated with an anti-fungistatic layer that protects the mattress from the spread & growth of microorganisms and bacteria.


  • Color: Mint Green, non-bleeding, non fading. 
  • Cover Material: Vinyl fabric. Pinhole free. 
  • Seams: RF Welded with zippers under the mattress.
  • Flammability: Passed 16 CFR 1632, BSEN 1021-2 1994, BSEN 102-1 1994, NFRA 701 and small scale TB 1117, California Tech. Bulletin 129 and 603.
  • Water Resistant: Moisture vapor permeable. Highly-resistant to liquids, body waste and medications. 
  • Bacteria Resistant: Treated with anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties 
  • Core: Single density foam core.

Lead Time & Freight

Please allow 4-5 weeks for production on most orders and up to a week for delivery.


Standard size: W 36" x L 80" x H 6"
Custom sizes available upon request.

Care Instructions

We recommend cleaning the surface with an appropriately diluted disinfectant spray, wiping it down, and letting it air dry between each patient’s use or as often as is necessary.